a philanthropic fund dedicated to a sustainable future
for Alaska and all Alaskans


Our principles shape the focus of our philanthropic fund and guide our investments.

The lands and waters of our Northern home are the core of who we are as Alaskans.

Sustainability in Alaska begins with equity for Alaska Native Peoples.

Our Alaskan ways of life are vital to defend.

Our lasting prosperity is rooted in our renewable resources.

Alaskan spirit and ingenuity are the key to our future.

Our children's children have a stake in all of our resources.



We attract and deploy philanthropic capital to empower Alaskans to map, build, and secure a sustainable future.


The Alaska Venture Fund invests in projects that protect the integrity of our lands and waters, recognize and restore the power of Alaska Native peoples, expand our jobs and sustainable economic opportunities in renewable resources, and sustain the health and well-being of Alaskans.​

Through our Ventures platform, we find, develop and support promising ventures—novel partnerships, unexpected coalitions, for-benefit enterprises, and results-based organizations that are transforming the future for Alaska.  

Our Donor Services platform advises and counsels donors who share our values and connects them with the best talent in Alaska.


Alaska Venture Fund

721 Depot Drive

Anchorage, AK 99501


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