We believe investing in Alaska is one of the most powerful philanthropic actions you will ever take. 

At nearly 1/5th the size of the U.S., everything in Alaska is outsized. Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the country combined, a third of the nation’s federal lands, half of its carbon stores, two-thirds of its fisheries landings, much of its potential freshwater, most of its largest intact ecosystems and all of its Arctic territory. More Indigenous people reside here than in any other state.


But Alaska isn’t just outsized in its physical landscape.  Like many low-population states, Alaska’s roughly 735,000 people have an outsized impact on national decision-making, with the same number of U.S. Senators as the country’s most populous states. As Alaskans wrestle with our future in a place that is warming at double the speed of the global average, our ability to transition to a sustainable future has import not only for Alaskans but also for our country and the world.


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